Erasmus+ Achieving Together (2014 – 2017)

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Erasmus+ project, cross-curricular, sharing lesson ideas and plans that have hands-on elements and practical outcomes.

  • Subjects: Cross Curricular
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 9 - 18
  • Tools to be used: Twinspace
  • Aims:Improved interest and confidence in participants, with respect to language learning and curriculum areas addressed by the transnational meetings, raised awareness and new ideas for teachers to work in a more inclusive way towards raising standards.
  • Work process:The project has received Erasmus+ funding from 2014 to 2017. There will be 11 transnational project activities spread across the three years, with periods of preparation before the meetings at each school. The preparation will contribute to the programme of the transnational meetings, and lesson plans in relation to this will be shared to feed into practice in the partner schools.
  • Expected results:
    A portfolio of lesson ideas and plans which allow equal involvement from learners of different levels of ability, encouraging initiative and community building.

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