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Class 10 – Trip to Sweden

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After they had put away their Romeo and Juliet costumes and struck the stage set, (read the Review) we sent Class 10 off to Sweden, on a Wilderness Expedition in the back-of-beyond.


At the time of writing, they are in the beautiful forest and mountains around Idre Fjäll in  North-Western Dalarna; a land that is still truly wild, and in most parts populated only by elk, reindeer, bears and birds.

Led by Peter Friebel, a local guide, and accompanied by Andy Smith and Harri Frost, the class is  spending the week hiking by day and sleeping in hammocks at night, or what passes for night in those parts at this time of year. They are also learning various bush-craft and survival skills and experiencing the challenges and pleasures of being out in the wild, and without the various trappings of modern life; I believe that the only contact they’re having with the outside world is the occasional appearance of Erica Friebel in her trusty Land Rover, who is delivering fresh supplies in pre-arranged ‘food drops’ on the days when the group is accessible.

Latest reports suggest that everyone is having a wonderful time, despite the ‘rather damp’ weather. As I told them before they left; at least if it’s pouring with rain, the mosquitoes aren’t such a problem...

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