Visiting students at the Upper School - Class 11 at Ringwood Waldorf School

Staying at Ringwood Waldorf School

by Luca Girkens

"The idea started at the end of the eighth class that Thomas and I could leave our school to experience school in England, mainly it was because the boring English lessons. After we spoke with a few teachers and found the school in the internet. It was surprisingly easy to organize a stay at Ringwood.

The problems were the costs and the lessons in school we will have to catch up, that’s why we just stay for six weeks but thuis is really too short!

Early we found out with who we will stay in Ringwood, Colin and Carrol.

We met two other German speaking boys and spend whole days together. Sometimes we have supper at Carrols and sometimes at Colins. The food is very good and the houses are very clean and comfortable.

The biggest difference between German and English school is that we don’t call our teachers by the first name but more like ‘’Herr Schneider’’. I think that calling teachers by their first name is good for the relationship between teacher and pupil.

The everyday life in school is a bit different too. The breaks are shorter but more often in Germany.

If I wouldn’t need to catch up, I would love to stay for a very long time. I like the little town, the people and the school. Thank you all for everything!"


Visiting students perform at the Michaelmas Festival at the Upper School - Class 11 at Ringwood Waldorf School

Luca performing at our Michaelmas Festival Autumn 2017