School Inspection Service Report ~ March 2012

"Good, outstanding and excellent", say inspectors


"A GOOD education for its pupils, with some outstanding features" say inspectors in the latest report about Ringwood Waldorf School in Hampshire.

"Teaching and learning is good overall and excellent in literacy, speaking and listening and the creative arts."

"Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is also excellent. Bullying is largely unknown."

Inspectors also praise the way the school fosters a strong sense of community founded on Steiner principles, where pupils want to learn, feel safe and cherished and develop into mature self-confident teenagers.

“It has outstanding provision and outcomes in the Kindergarten,” the report adds.

The school in Folly Farm Lane provides a Steiner Waldorf education to 264 pupils aged three to 17.

No pupil has a formal statement of special educational needs or has difficulties related to speaking English as an additional language.

The inspection was carried out by the School Inspection Service in line with education legislation, using a framework agreed by the Department for Education (DfE).

“Behaviour is good overall and in most classes it is outstanding,” says the report.

"The quality of the premises and accommodation is good overall" say inspectors, who note new hall, eurythmy and music rooms, and the good outdoor play areas.

“Classrooms are adequate for the present numbers and ages of pupils."

“There is specialist accommodation for science, woodwork, handwork and art and IT.”

Esbjorn Wilmar, one of the school’s trustees  said:

"This inspection not only underlines the fact that we provide a good education in normal day to day topics, but also highlights the outstanding provision we offer our children. We are able to achieve this excellent result though a combined effort of the whole school community. Our teachers, children and parents all play a key role.”

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