‘The school’s growth since it was started in a little cottage in 1974 is a magnificent achievement and now we are looking at the final push, a bold vision to take Steiner education from toddlerhood all the way through to age 18.’

BBC’s Roger Finn, at the launch of our Appeal.


‘The only school of its kind in the area, this project is a natural development, based on firm foundations.’ 

Chris Chope MP, who joined in the day’s celebrations.


The Need

Within the last five years, demand of parents and pupils has dictated that we extend the existing classes upwards from Class 8 (age 14). Our ability to offer Classes 9 to 12 (traditionally known as the Upper School) to our 14 to 18 years old pupils will allow them to complete the Steiner education many of them began as 3 year-olds in our kindergartens.    In September 2009, we joined forces with the successful parent-led Aquila Upper School Project and so created a new Upper School for all our children. We now need to extend our accommodation for Classes 9 to 12 on our school site.  We already have the site, the grounds and a wonderful new hall for them.

The Project

The accommodation we plan to build is modest but aesthetically in keeping with the rest of our buildings. We have applied for planning permission to build a second storey to our existing four craft workshops, two of which will be remodelled, one for use as a library, and the other as a music room, adding a laboratory extension.  A new second storey will consist of 4 classrooms with lobbies, an art room and staff room. The construction details are specifically designed as a self-build, low-cost, ecologically innovative project, and we will use existing foundations and services, also reusing the roofing material from the present workshops.

The Cost

The estimated overall cost of this build is between £330 and £350k.

Our Fundraising so far...

We were greatly cheered to launch our Appeal on Launch Day, 1st May 2010 with an initial total of nearly £20,000 raised by parents and friends since September 2009.

As of today we have raised a total of over £120,000 by holding one-off events such as concerts, games’ matches, clothes swaps, and having guest speakers, to name but a few.

These are our fundraising events planned for the next 12 months:

  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Variety Show
  • Forest Forge Theatre performance
  • Easter Fair
  • Downton Cuckoo Fair cafe
  • Summer Fair
  • International Summer English Language School

We hope to raise a further £30,000 plus with these events.

We will also be approaching other specifically targeted grant-making trusts and charitable foundations for support, as well as businesses. We anticipate that we will also need to borrow part of the required money.


How you can help!

  • Are you an ex pupil, an ex parent or family member or friend? and/ or
  • Would you like to help future children benefit from a Steiner/Waldorf education?

If so here are some ways you can help us achieve our dream:

  1. Make a donation, and Gift Aid it (see Gift Aid form + note below)
  2. Hold a sponsored event (see Sponsorship Form + note below)
  3. Support our International Summer Language School by:
  • Volunteering to host one or two foreign students.  Up to £50 per week per student can be offered as a contribution
  • Volunteer skills for a range of activities such as sport, arts & crafts, dance, BBQ, storytelling, minibus driving, kitchen help
  • We need qualified EFL teachers
  • Where we cannot source the above on a voluntary basis, Lewis School will employ people at the going rate.  This decreases the amount of money going to the fund.
  • The Summer School is by far the single biggest fund raising event of the year and one of the most enjoyable and satisfying too!  This is made possible only by the generous efforts and participation of  Community members.
  • Buy at our e - store, where spending money at over 100 shops on line can earn us money at no extra cost to you!


4. Leave a legacy

5. Match the funds we raise (at one or other of our events)

Thank you for your support!


What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift (approximately 25p in every pound).

As a UK taxpayer, you can request your donation be treated as Gift Aid so long as you will have paid an amount of UK income tax that at least equals the tax we can claim back on your donation.  (The tax will be an amount you have already paid on income, savings or capital gains).

In order to make a Gift Aid donation you’ll need to make a Gift Aid declaration. One form can cover every gift made to the same charity for whatever period you choose, and can cover gifts you have already made and/or gifts you may make in the future.

Please request a form from the office or you can print one by clicking on the link below.

Please complete this and return it with your donation, cheques to be made payable to Ringwood Waldorf School, and posted to the address below.

Ringwood Waldorf School
Folly Farm Lane
BH24 2NN

 Click on the Gift Aid and Sponsorship form below to download them

Download (PDF, 109KB)


Download (PDF, 78KB)