alys always poster for West End Musical

Old Scholar Leah Gayer in West End Play

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Old Scholars News – Hot off the Press! Old scholar Leah Gayer, who graduated from RADA just last summer, has a major role in a West End Play in London. Keir and I have been to see her and she is an absolute star! Quite outstanding! Playing in the Bridge Theatre, ‘Alys, Always’ is directed by […]

Play: ‘Earnestly Oscar’ by Class 8

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‘Earnestly Oscar’ performed by Class 8 Another group of students we have watched growing up – many from Kindergarten – has reached the milestone of Class 8 and, as is the custom, they have chosen a play to offer as a gift to the whole school. Two contrasting plays, in fact, both by Oscar Wilde, […]

Alumni Help Migrant Children in Greece

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Wind Up Penguin Theatre Company Leah and Mhairi Gayer, former pupils at RWS, are both now at drama schools and also part of the Wind-Up Penguin Theatre Company. At Wind-Up Penguin, we have been bringing music theatre for the past five years to children in Romania, Bulgaria, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, India, Germany, and Belgium. We’ve […]

History of Theatre

The History of Theatre – Class 9 Main Lesson

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From the Ancient Greek Dionysian Rite through to the 17th Century, this main lesson covered the development of the Dramatic Arts in the West, charting the transition from sacred to secular and profane. Greek and Roman Drama, Mediæval Drama, Renaissance Theatre, and the Theatre of Elizabethan England were studied in some detail, although it was […]

Francesco – Class 6 Operetta

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Having attended the first performance of this delightful operetta (written by teachers for a Class 6 at Wynstones Steiner School) I made a point of not missing the next one and of telling friends they simply must come. This was an outstanding piece of work performed by Class 6 with their teacher, Marika, with the […]