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Gallery: Africa in Class 8

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Class 8’s Main Lesson on Africa Of the many varied subjects taught in a Steiner-Waldorf school, geography occupies a unique position in the curriculum. In Class 8 Geography morning lesson we are currently focusing on Africa. Place We are learning about the physical as well as the cultural and historical features of the world’s second largest […]

Class 11 History: Religious Conflicts

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No-one living in the modern world can have escaped reading about, or even witnessing the escalations in religious intolerance, conflicts and disputes that have been happening in the world in recent years. In the Class 11 History main lesson in November, we attempted to ‘unpack’ some of what lies behind these conflicts. In this main […]

The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire

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The Ottoman Empire was founded in Asia Minor in the 11th century AD, and rose to become a formidable world power; the greatest Islamic empire the world has ever seen. In some ways it could be seen as a continuation of the eastern leg of the Roman Empire that outlived the western leg by a […]

History of Theatre

The History of Theatre – Class 9 Main Lesson

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From the Ancient Greek Dionysian Rite through to the 17th Century, this main lesson covered the development of the Dramatic Arts in the West, charting the transition from sacred to secular and profane. Greek and Roman Drama, Mediæval Drama, Renaissance Theatre, and the Theatre of Elizabethan England were studied in some detail, although it was […]