Parents Handbook  (2019-20)

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Keeping Parents Well-Informed

The Parents’ Handbook, which is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, is distributed to current parents of Ringwood Waldorf School and  represents part of the commitment of the school to keep parents well informed on aspects of school organisation and management policy by providing useful information. In turn this is seen as deepening understanding and thereby enabling parents to offer their support to the school and the education it provides. This benefits the education of the children.

Feedback and suggestions for future editions are welcome and should be addressed to the Administrator.

School Organisation, Policy & Management

In these pages we hope you will find the answers to most of the common questions you may have. Please be aware that this Handbook deals mainly with matters of organisation, policy and management. It does not seek to address questions of curriculum or pedagogy as it relates to child development or the deeper spiritual understanding that underlie and inform the education.

“The purpose of education is
to enable the mind,
to fire the imagination,
to fortify the will, and
to quicken the initiative for life”.
Rudolf Steiner. 1861 – 1925

School Curriculum & Child Development

The School Management Team, formerly known as The College of Teachers encourages parents to take up their own study of child development as it relates to the curriculum and pedagogy so that they may share together the educational journey with their children and deepen their own understanding. The school supports this study in various ways which are outlined elsewhere in this Parents’ Handbook. In addition, relevant aspects of child development are presented at Parent Evenings. The Parents’ Library, situated in Reception, also has many books to assist parents.

Ringwood Waldorf School is fully committed to offering the best Waldorf Education that it can within the resources that are available and operates on the principle of continuous improvement.

There is also a section on school policies included as well as a recommended reading list.

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