189 Days + 383 Pupils!

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This project lasts three years, enabling pupils to meet in the five European countries taking part: England, France, Germany, Hungary and Turkey.

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Achieving Together - The Workshops

In these current times where divisions or walls are erected worldwide, or where borders are becoming increasingly impassable, the need for our children and young people to meet is more and more important.

This project, as its name implies, is based on humanist values and truly European in its outlook, as envisaged by thinkers of the Renaissance, who should act as an inspiration for us even today. Many of you have seen your children benefiting from this energy of meeting and participating.

At the beginning of 2014 there was a workshop in England, closely followed by another in Germany, which was attended by the whole of Class 8. Running parallel to these workshops, other pupils chose to spend time in either France or Germany to improve their language skills and gain experience of life in another country.

The response after each arrival home has been a lot of enthusiasm for the country visited, new friendships made, and a treasure trove of memories.

However, the objective of meeting with young people of the same age but with different languages and cultures would not be complete without one further lesson: that of international brotherhood.

At the end of each week of workshops there is an opportunity for each school to sell items made by it in order to raise funds to support the project of integration of young migrant refugees in Germany (see ‘The Red Thread’).


  • -  To discover another language
  • -  To discover another culture
  • -  To find another motivation related to school
  • -  To allow young people hoping to leave school to find a new interest
  • -  To participate in an exchange of pedagogical techniques


To achieve these objectives different transnational activities have been planned as well as three management meetings, following themes agreed in advance.

The activities can be divided into three types:

9 Workshops

Each lasting seven days in each country, involving between five to nine pupils and their teachers. There will be 2 workshops in England, 2 in Germany, 2 in Turkey and 1 each in France and Hungary

6 Weeks of Exchanges

Lasting six weeks (42 days in total) in either France or Germany or three weeks (21 days) if required allowing two pupils to travel instead of one. This however does involve an extra cost for parents.

5-Days of Teacher Training 

A Training Event for 15 teachers for 5 days.

3 Years...

Therefore in a period of three years 13 activities have been organised (designated by the letter C and a number), representing a total of 189 days and involving 383 pupils in total!