Keir Hall’s New Oak Floor

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Keir Hall new floor at Ringwood Waldorf School

Flooring - All Change

At the end of last term, Ben and his team of volunteers spent several days carefully removing the well-worn floor in Keir Hall, then cleaning up the concrete base.

After Easter, Alan (and sons!) took delivery of the oak flooring, after its long journey here from Scotland... then Richard and his team worked their professional magic to lay the vast and beautiful new oak sprung floor.

TLC Spring Cleaning

Finally, the wonderful TLC team, led by Ali and Lucy, gave the whole hall a thorough spring clean, washing the curtains, vacuuming and deep cleaning the whole raked seating unit, and everything else in the hall too... and thanks Theo R-H (C7) for helping with the photographs.

The final result is truly beautiful and, if we look after it, will last for many years to come - so huge thanks from the whole school community to everyone involved for all their help and hard work.


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  1. Great pictures and such a wonderful example of the RWS community spirit. Can we have it on Facebook as well please.

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