Gilgamesh on i-Pads? More Needed!

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i-Pads Needed for Illustration Degree Project

Liam Callebout (former RWS student) is currently working towards his final degree project for his Illustration Degree at Arts University Bournemouth and his idea is to recreate the first ever written story found on clay tablets (Gilgamesh) on iPads.

Now, Liam does not have a dozen iPads laying around, which is why he is trying to acquire as many as possible in whatever condition. It doesn’t matter how old the iPad is, as long as it turns on, even screen damage is okay as long as it is not too severe. He will pay for any you have available (or if you are feeling generous he would be eternally grateful for any unused ones given) or if he could borrow them for about three months that would also be ideal.

He’s putting this message out to all and sundry 🙂 any support would be deeply appreciated !

Have an i-Pad you can lend?

Please contact Michele (Liam's mum) via the school office if you can offer any help with this, thank you.


Gilgamesh British_Museum_Flood_Tablet

Neo-Assyrian clay tablet. Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet 11: Story of the Flood.

Known as the "Flood Tablet" From the Library of Ashurbanipal, 7th century BC.

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