The school is dependent on parental contributions to cover the running costs of the school. The school aims to make Waldorf Education available to families from as wide a range of social and economic backgrounds as possible. We operate a Community Support bursary system, whereby parents who are able to gift money above our Expected Contribution Level to help to support families who are not able to afford the full amount. The amount available in the Community Support Fund varies annually and should not be seen as a permanent solution to a family meeting its obligation to the school.

Expected Contributions

The Expected Contribution amounts are what the school needs every family to strive for so that the school can meet and expand on its development goals of providing an excellent Waldorf education in safe, suitable and beautiful accommodation.

Contribution Promise Form

Parents complete a CONTRIBUTION PROMISE FORM which is their annual funding agreement with the school. Parents in need of a bursary may be asked to meet with trustees and members of the School Management Team. Parents are asked to consider the needs of the school in a spirit of trust and we appreciate that every family has different needs. However, bursary requests for some ‘lifestyle choices’ may not be able to be met. If an agreement cannot be reached, then it may not be possible for the student to continue at the school.

Families in receipt of bursaries will be required to increase their contributions by more than the annual inflationary increase.

The school is very grateful to those families who are able to gift more than the Expected Contribution. These donations can be Gift Aided, making them even more valuable to the school Community.


Financial Contributions Policy


Contributions and Charges 2019-2020

(Applicable from 1st September 2019)

All contributions are payable termly in advance by the first day of term, unless there is an agreement with the school and a standing order for the correct monthly amount set up.


Application and Registration Fees:

Registration Fee (non-refundable)  - £50

Refundable Family Deposit - (£500)

Notice to withdraw a pupil:

One term’s notice in writing to the School Management Team is required. Where less than a term’s notice has been given a full term’s contribution will still be charged.


Materials used in class (including specialist subjects):

Materials used in class, such as books, paints and craft materials were previously charged separately, but this amount is now included in the tuition charge. Other Charges Trips and theatre or museum visits are extra charges. If a trip has not been paid for, the student will not be able to go. Other charges, such as recorders which become the property of the student will be charged separately.

Parent and Child Sessions

Parents currently have the choice of two types of parent and child session: indoor, with activities such as ring time, baking and crafts, and the forest walk session, where the group go for a gentle walk through the eco garden, play in the dell, and visit the ducks and chickens. The indoor sessions are £8.30 each and the forest walks are £6.00. These sessions are booked and paid for half termly.

PM Sessions

There are afternoon activities for kindergarten children, these are charged at £15.00 for a single session (paid in advance) or £12 a session if pre-booked and paid half termly in advance.

School Bus

The school bus service runs daily with pickups in Westbourne, Southbourne and Castle Lane. Spaces are booked and invoiced termly.