Play: ‘Earnestly Oscar’ by Class 8

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‘Earnestly Oscar’ performed by Class 8

Another group of students we have watched growing up – many from Kindergarten – has reached the milestone of Class 8 and, as is the custom, they have chosen a play to offer as a gift to the whole school. Two contrasting plays, in fact, both by Oscar Wilde,

‘The Little Prince’ is a wonderfully quiet tale of wealth and poverty, love and sacrifice and, most of all, appearances. When you look rich, encrusted with precious stones and wrapped in gold leaf you are more likely to be admired. When you give your wealth away – even if it is to the poor, no-one bothers with you anymore. A small cast of three brought this tale movingly to life.

There were, for me, echoes of Easter just past with Peter’s three denials of the Christ before the cock crew. Echoes also of the approaching St John’s time in the lovely Grimm’s tale ‘Faithful John’, with a similar three-fold motif and themes of faithfulness, love, sacrifice and – very much to – of appearances.

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is a witty, hugely funny play with many themes just perfect for young people finding themselves as they grow into adulthood.  The equality of men and women, the place of pride, pretence, sincerity, hypocrisy, creating false impressions or being true to oneself, are just some which were brought to life by the rest of the class with such energy, joy and humour that we laughed with delight all the way through! Of course, the whole class took part and each of them brought their character to life in the most lively way. The casting alone brought its amusing contrasts with the use of height and sex adding to our amusement. The entrance of the tall Simeon Grabsch, in an amazingly feminine white outfit, as the lovely Gwendolyn, made us gasp with delight! Algernon and Jack provided their own delightful contrast – and with huge parts to learn…well, the whole class should be congratulated.

So, thank you enormously, Class 8, and your excellent teacher  Juanna Ladaga   Thanks also to Forest Forge for the costumes which were fabulous, and thanks to all those – and the list is long – who supported this excellent production. 


Christine Polyblank

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