What a Christmas Bazaar 2018!

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For our Christmas Bazaar - a HUGE ‘Thank You’!

A huge ‘Thank You!’ to our wonderful Class Parents and all our magnificent mothers and fathers, who, spurred on by our dynamic Community Group – Gerianke, Mel Ray et al, created another marvellous Christmas Bazaar this year. Rain may have threatened but the planning skills of our Community Group are such that they slotted us in between the two great storms that swept across the south on Saturday.  Magic!

A perfect musical opening was offered by Sandy and Class 5 orchestra – many thanks for getting us off to such a bright start!  Then we all set off to investigate the many colourful stalls – and hall and classrooms were full of delights. Thanks to our Class 3 crafts-people for their time and creativity in making so many lovely things; to Alexandra, Jasmine and the Kindergarten parents for the exquisite Gnome Garden. Thanks to Nigel Roberts for the honey-scented candle-dipping; to Class 1 for the generous quantities of delicious food in both restaurant and BBQ. Thanks to Class 4 for the absolutely yummy café, to Class 8 for the excellent waffles and divine punch. (This stall is my annual go-to starting position!) Class 9 did a splendid Raffle with many wonderful prizes (of which was blessed to win two!). Thanks to Class 10 for the BBQ and Nina B and Class 7 who had the thankless outdoor task of controlling the parking but made this chore a joyful event with their sunny and welcoming smiles. Class 5 had the special task of transforming our every-day classrooms into magical spaces, covering them in festive winter greens. Well done! and they ran the ever-popular Presents-for-Parents space. Many children made a bee-line for the make-your-own crafts rooms run so lovingly and creatively by Class 6. Brilliant!  Class 2 were all over the place organising traders, risk assessments, publicity, first aid, entertainment and who knows what else. A thankless task I should think, and I hope they have had time to recover! Thanks to everyone who played and sang their hearts out for us, especially Patrick’s outstanding choir, – but I heard stirring live music all over the place.

There was some trouble with the minibus, which would have put our excellent park-and-ride system in jeopardy had it not been for the valiant efforts of some of our most hearty and robust fathers: Ben, Adrian and Esbjorn (what can’t that man do!) …so thanks for saving the day!

The Bazaar was thronging with people; old scholars and old parents turned up so that there was many a joyful reunion. From us all to you all – a Hearty Thanks!!

Christine Polyblank

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