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Class 3 have farming lessons at Sturts Farm

Class 3 have farming lessons at Sturts Farm


"The transformation in my child since changing schools has been one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in my life.  And for us to  be in a likeminded community is transforming me everyday" Davina


Throughout the eight years of the Lower School - Classes 1 to 8 - the Class Teacher presents the subjects as they appear in the curriculum at the appropriate stage in the development of the children, so that their real inner needs are met and satisfied.

The first two hours of the school day are ‘Main Lesson’ time.

All major subjects such as Mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, English, and so on, can be worked in considerable depth, as a Main Lesson block lasts from three to four weeks. Drama, recitation, singing and music-making are practised daily in the Main Lesson. The teacher presents the work in a lively, pictorial way so that it is taken up by the imagination and so that the child’s feeling life is involved in the learning process.

Following the Main Lesson, the children participate in regular practice lessons in Maths and English, German and French. There are weekly lessons in painting, modelling, woodwork, handwork, religion, games, singing and eurythmy. These lessons are given by specialist subject teachers. Homework begins in Class 4 with individual project work.