RWS student Arthur Verrept wakeboarding

2018 Updates from families...

Gill Taylor Family

Isobel Gill Taylor completed a Steiner Education Degree, followed by a Masters in Therapeutic Education. For 6 years she enjoyed working at Ruskin Mill in various different caring and administrative roles. For the past year she has been completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Systemic Family Psychotherapy, in which she has achieved a distinction, while volunteering with two charities in London; the Listening Place, learning how to listen to those at risk of suicide, and a refugee charity working with families.
At the moment she is about to start a new job working with youths in Social Services in Bristol and will continue to volunteer with The Listening Place - with those at risk of suicide. Next year she hopes to follow with a Masters in Family PsychotherapyShe loves all her work – and still continues to play her violin.

Maya Gill Taylor took a degree and a Masters in Ocean Sciences. Now she teaches the Sciences in a Secondary School in Conway, North Wales, inspiring teenagers to love Biology, Physics and Chemistry up to GCSE and Biology to ‘A’ level.

Tarra Gill Taylor completed a degree in Biology last year and, wanting to experience life in a hospital he is currently working as a Health Care Assistant in Southampton.  He has a place at Manchester University to study Medicine in September. He is the National Match Racing Sailing Champion and continues to sail as much as he is able to.

All three got high 2:1s in their degrees.

Milo Gill Taylor has just achieved 3 A stars in his ‘A’ levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and will be taking a place at Cambridge University to study Physical Natural Sciences in September. He won the Science Shield at Ringwood School, as well as the Chemistry and Maths prizes for his year. He still loves sailing Laser Dinghies, watching rugby and playing the piano.

Verrept Family 2004 to 2014

Tom Verrept - Following a move from Germany with his family, Tom started at the Ringwood Waldorf School (RWS) in 2000 as he briefly joined kindergarten before moving into Class 1. With very limited English skills, the school made it possible to easily integrate within the class and ensured that he was able to learn English whilst also providing sufficient support to follow the curriculum.
Tom continued his education at RWS, progressing through to class 10 in upper school before finally graduating in 2010. Using the portfolio work created at RWS, Tom was granted a position at Ringwood School Sixth Form where he completed four A2 levels in Maths, English, Physics, French whilst applying to University.
Despite having a spot confirmed for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter, Tom chose to put education on hold and spend the following two years teaching kiteboarding in the Caribbean and Asia.
In 2014, Tom enrolled into Exeter University once more but to study a BSc in Mining Engineering at the Falmouth Campus. After three years of study, he finished the degree with 1st class honours and returned home for the summer to work two jobs and save as much money as possible, aiming to emigrate before winter closed in.
In October 2017, Tom moved to Perth, Australia with aim of finding a job within the mining industry whilst taking advantage of the world-class kiteboarding spots on his new doorstep. After two months of searching, he was hired in early January 2018 for a short-term project management role for BHP Billiton. The original three-week contract has since been repeatedly extended and Tom is still working until present and is aiming to remain permanently in Australia.

Arthur Verrept - My name is Arthur Verrept, a little about myself before I go into what I loved about school. I went to school at Ringwood Waldorf school from kindergarten right up until I left for college; I then studied; maths, computing, and media. After college, I went travelling for 2 years and finally decided to the University of Plymouth to study Internet Design.
My years at RWS were genuinely some of the best years I had. The group of friends I made I will never forget and we always spend time together. Even though we all went to different colleges and some of us left RWS before college, the bond you create with the people not only from your own class, but every class is incredible! Since the school is small you really get to know everyone, from every class, some of my best friends today are a completely different age to me, the Steiner gang that meets up at festivals every year is massive and spans all ages!
The way you learn is stress-free and very creative, and even though I went into a technical field I never felt behind at all. I really thought that going from Steiner to public education was going to be a massive struggle but it wasn’t. The teachers at RWS really cared about each student and really wanted them to their best work.
We didn’t only learn to work with our brains but also our hands, this was my favourite aspect of the school, learning to craft things with our hands. It was a perfect balance of practical and the regular stuff. 
Thanks for the great times, Arthur V.


Family Koester 2001 to 2016

Sandra and Henning joined the school when they moved as co-workers to Sturts Farm in 2001. They brought with them their three children: William, Johanna and Ruben and, as a family, spent fifteen years in the school.

William Koester has just finished an apprenticeship in Carpentry in Münster, Germany. He achieved a First, and his much-praised Finishing Piece is going on a nationwide exhibition. For a hobby, and to make an extra bit of money William fixes old, unwanted bikes and sells them on (all registration nos. are checked). Some of us will remember the motorbike he remodelled for his Class 8 Project! He will now spend a year travelling with his lovely girlfriend Greta.

Johanna Koester intended to spend a practical year after school on a bio-dynamic farm, Marienhöhe, in Bad Saarow (east of Berlin, and where the bio-dynamic certification ‘Demeter’ was begun.) But soon she was invited to join a 4-year apprenticeship in Bio-dynamic Gardening. In June 2018 little Kasimir was born to her and Felix, and they are now a very happy and settled little family.

Ruben Koester left the school after Class 8 to work at Sturts Farm whilst studying at Kingston Maurwood. He then did an apprenticeship in farming at Plaw Hatch Farm in Sussex. He now works for Bartletts Agricultural Contractors - from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week - driving a Fendt tractor (no common vehicle!) for which he is also totally responsible. Ruben loves his work with a passion – he calls it ‘living the dream’! In autumn he plans to do some summer work in New Zealand.

Now that their children have outgrown the nest and are well settled in the world, Sandra and Henning themselves are embarking on a new life - setting out in a camper-van in search of pastures new. We wish them a marvellous and most exciting journey.