At the moment, the Ringwood Waldorf School has 6 Parent & Child groups. We are happy and fortunate to have our own space for this. The needs of the very young child are slightly different to those of Kindergarten age and so therefore the room and the toys are adapted to allow for babies, toddlers, parents, carers and grandparents.

The Parent & Child Group is a place where parents can find support from each other and a peaceful haven to be with their children. I think that being a parent today is one of the hardest and most underrated jobs there is, but it is also the most important job there is. This is especially true during a child’s crucial first three years when the child’s whole world is the world immediately around them.

Parents of young children can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and isolated with little or no extended family or community able to help. Parents are also often inundated with confusing and conflicting advice.

In our Parent & Child Group we hope to support parents not through explanations but through direct experience of simply observing the children in a caring and restful environment where magical moments in a child’s development can be shared.

It is through experiencing the session that the wisdom of reverence, rhythm and repetition can be learnt. Parents learn new skills that can be taken back into their homes.

I hope that in the Ringwood Waldorf School Parent & Child Group parents can escape from the busy and stressful world and be totally ‘in the moment’ alongside their child.