The Kindergartens  (3-6 years)

Think of young children and two qualities spring to mind: constant untiring movement and an enviable knack for imitation. In the kindergartens, through watching, listening and sensing with their whole being, then trying it out, young children gradually discover themselves and their place in the world.

The Kindergarten Teachers create an environment that is beautiful and homely. The room is warm and inviting with baskets of simple, natural objects and fabrics; the simpler the toy, the greater the scope for imaginative play. The importance of creative play for fulfilment in later life is fully recognised.

Kindergarten activities have a rhythmical pattern for each day and week, which is very satisfying for young children, providing, as it does, a deep sense of security. Our Kindergartens have exemptions from the Early Years Foundation Stage requirement. For further details please click here.

Instead of Monday and Tuesday, there may be ‘Baking Day’ or ‘Painting Day’. Singing and circle games, eurythmy, sewing, weaving, drawing, modelling, woodwork, cooking, gardening, walks in nature and plenty of free play are activities that fill the week.

During these activities, the teacher is constantly aware of cultivating the social abilities of the children. Well chosen fairy tales nourish the child’s inner world of feeling and imagination.

The teachers work closely with parents, forming a bridge for the child between home and school from the earliest years.

To find out more, or arrange a visit to see our beautiful Kindergartens, please contact us here.