Ringwood Waldorf School stands on the borders of Dorset and Hampshire, close to the River Avon. To the east lie the ancient port of Southampton and the beautiful New Forest: to the north the plains of Salisbury and to the south Bournemouth and the sea.  From this area, and beyond, children aged between three and sixteen, come to learn and grow together.

The School was founded in a row of labourers' cottages - "Folly Farm" - in 1974 and opened with six pupils. There are now over two hundred and forty children and the school has just completed the building of a purpose-designed complex, one of the only new-build Waldorf Steiner schools in the UK.

We have ten classrooms, four kindergartens, a spacious hall and dedicated rooms for special activities such as Art, Music, Handwork, Science, Woodwork and Eurythmy.

  • Parent and Child groups welcome children from 6 months
  • Kindergartens from 3 to 6 years
  • Lower School from 6 to 14 years
  • Upper School from 14 to 16 (soon to be 18) years.

Recognising that children feel most secure when parents and teachers work together, we encourage parents to come into the school and to take a real interest in the education. It is our wish to build a strong community within the school.