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Ringwood Tai chi Club (Wednesdays)

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About this event:

Created by David

Ringwood Waldorf School
GBP 4.00

Tai Chi Training

Ringwood Tai chi Club is a non-profitable weekly training group. The Club is guided by a practitioner with thirteen years' experience in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi.

Yang Style

Yang Style Tai Chi is one of most sophisticated and gentle style of arts among Chinese martial arts. You will gain health benefit from this moderate exercise even at earlier stage of your learning.

Structured program is provided for complete beginners to study;

  • Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi
  • long form Chi kung
  • Pushing hands
  • Application
  • Sword form

Not for Profit

The club takes its venue at Ringwood Waldorf School, as it was organised to contribute school fundraising. The club is not seeking commercial profit, therefore, it is very affordable despite its very structural learning program.

All Welcome!

It was initially started among friends circle of the school, though it is also open to people who are totally new to the school. Club welcomes all adults, either school parents / staff and from outside of school.

As we do not have a fixed course but keep a record of individual members’ progress, newcomers can jump in from any week to start to learn with us. Please come along and give yourself a try!

Ringwood Tai Chi Club


Day & timings: Wednesdays

  • 7:30 – 8:30pm (guided)
  • 8:30 – 9:30pm (practice)

Cost: £4 for first hour / £6 for full two hours

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Ringwood Tai Chi Club