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The Tempest performed by Class 10 of Ringwood Waldorf School

Play: ‘The Tempest’ by Class 10

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare Performed by Class 10 Before heading off on their Wilderness class trip to Sweden, Class 10 made the time to share their end-of-year performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ with us. What a magnificent play it is, and how magnificently performed it was – we loved it! We know this class well […]

Upper School Craft Block Newspaper Catwalk Tailoring Recycling

The Newspaper Catwalk

A Craft Block in Upper School

We used the Newspaper Catwalk Workshop as a starter for two of Class 10’s Craft blocks: Tailoring & Dressmaking and Blacksmithing.

Crafting 2 Dimensions into 3

During the workshop, the students investigated two areas relevant for the craft work;

  1. The process of developing three-dimensional objects out of two-dimensional sheets of material. We used newspaper, fabric and metal as examples here, but the process is relevant for all design and making projects.
  2. The environmental footprint of textile, metal or any other production of objects.
Newspaper was an obvious choice of material for our investigations - sustainable because recycled, easy and cheap to obtain, fuss-free to work with.

2-Hour Creative Challenge

The students worked in groups. Their task was:
To design and make a costume from newspaper to be worn on a catwalk in the school’s courtyard within 2 hours...
They took to this task with enthusiasm, creativity, confidence and determination. They then treated the school to a fabulous Friday afternoon fashion show! As a result, all of the classes spontaneously flocked together as an applauding audience.

Repeating the Patterns

In the lessons to follow, we analysed the pattern-making principles the students had discovered and applied:
  • One part of the class developed their findings further in their Blacksmithing sessions with Ken Fanner from Ashington Forge in Wimborne. 
  • The Tailoring & Dressmaking group with Tanja Mergler embarked into research about the significant environmental impact of textile production. After exploring this in depth, they then got to work on their craft block Tailoring project: the design and realisation of a garment for a classmate, and, as a matter of course, made these from recycled material.
Class 10’s Newspaper Catwalk
upper school students at Ringwood Waldorf School

A PhD Day in the Upper School…

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Visiting PhD Student, Alys Mendus, reports on her day in the Upper School… Wednesday 1st November 2017 I met with Juliet at 8.20 on Wednesday morning and she showed me the staff room which was in an amazing position up above the playground and yard that the classrooms were nestled around. It was beautiful morning […]

Autumn in the Upper School

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Gallery: Autumn in the Upper School It’s been a busy half-term for everyone, not least for Class 9 moving into the Upper School and Class 10 and 11. From Copperwork to Forensics and from Poetry to Textiles, here’s a glimpse into what they’ve been doing…  

Class 10 from Ringwood Waldorf School with teacher Csaba Dolak 2016-17

Exam Results 2017

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GCSE Results for Class 10 Huge congratulations to pupils and teachers for the brilliant results obtained in this years GCSEs. Although our school is proud of a broad curriculum that stretches way beyond exams, we are none the less delighted (but not surprised!) to see how our children fare in mainstream grading methods. 92% of […]

Exam Results 2016

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Congratulations to students and teachers at RWS! 55% of those who took English were graded A or A* and of those that took maths, 76% passed with A* – C Steiner education is about much more than passing exams, but it is a nice bonus!


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a talk and screening given by Andy Smith in Keir Hall at the school review by Ben Dickenson Bampton, Class 10 pupil One warm Friday evening, Keir Hall filled with parents and students alike, all keen to hear Upper School teacher Andy Smith’s talk on Madagascar. Using a slideshow of photos taken on his guided tours […]

Farewell to Friends – Class 10

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                          Our Class 10 Leavers in July 2012 were: Florian Bright Grace Broughton Sebastian Coxon-Aristizabal Eszter Dolak Holly Harrison Sarah Hewland Benjamin Kirkman Eva Konczak Jenny Konig Brendan Liddiard Joseph Lynn William McGrotty Philip Morley Caroline Shallcross  Alicja Smith Ruby Steege Finn Tennant […]

Juliet lies dead in the tomb

Romeo & Juliet – Class 10 Play

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It was such a pleasure to see this delightful class, whose lessons I have visited over so many years, performing Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Under the guidance of their excellent English teacher, Nancy Urry, the two casts gave lively, warm, dramatic, at moments humorous, but above all deeply moving performances. This was no drama-class production; […]

Class 10 – Trip to Sweden

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After they had put away their Romeo and Juliet costumes and struck the stage set, (read the Review) we sent Class 10 off to Sweden, on a Wilderness Expedition in the back-of-beyond. At the time of writing, they are in the beautiful forest and mountains around Idre Fjäll in  North-Western Dalarna; a land that is […]