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Class 9 perform Greek play at Ringwood Waldorf School

Theatre: Agamemnon’s Dilemma

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Class 9 performed a Greek chorus for the whole school as part of their History of Theatre main lesson with Nancy. Their Greek play was performed wearing masks and simple costumes and told the story of Agamemnon’s dilemma. The unfortunate king had to choose whether or not to sacrifice his daughter to the gods in order […]

Autumn in the Upper School

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Gallery: Autumn in the Upper School It’s been a busy half-term for everyone, not least for Class 9 moving into the Upper School and Class 10 and 11. From Copperwork to Forensics and from Poetry to Textiles, here’s a glimpse into what they’ve been doing…  

Comenius Trip to Madrid 2013

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The Madrid trip was a very enjoyable experience: lovely weather and lovely people. We arrived at the train station of El Pinar, the town where the Escuela Libre Micael or Waldorf Free School Michael is, at around 6 pm and were warmly welcomed by two of the teachers and the host families. It was a week […]

History of Theatre

The History of Theatre – Class 9 Main Lesson

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From the Ancient Greek Dionysian Rite through to the 17th Century, this main lesson covered the development of the Dramatic Arts in the West, charting the transition from sacred to secular and profane. Greek and Roman Drama, Mediæval Drama, Renaissance Theatre, and the Theatre of Elizabethan England were studied in some detail, although it was […]