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The Tempest performed by Class 10 of Ringwood Waldorf School

Play: ‘The Tempest’ by Class 10

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The Tempest by William Shakespeare Performed by Class 10 Before heading off on their Wilderness class trip to Sweden, Class 10 made the time to share their end-of-year performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ with us. What a magnificent play it is, and how magnificently performed it was – we loved it! We know this class well […]

Class 9 perform Greek play at Ringwood Waldorf School

Theatre: Agamemnon’s Dilemma

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Class 9 performed a Greek chorus for the whole school as part of their History of Theatre main lesson with Nancy. Their Greek play was performed wearing masks and simple costumes and told the story of Agamemnon’s dilemma. The unfortunate king had to choose whether or not to sacrifice his daughter to the gods in order […]

Play: ‘Earnestly Oscar’ by Class 8

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‘Earnestly Oscar’ performed by Class 8 Another group of students we have watched growing up – many from Kindergarten – has reached the milestone of Class 8 and, as is the custom, they have chosen a play to offer as a gift to the whole school. Two contrasting plays, in fact, both by Oscar Wilde, […]


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Eight years of poetry, drama, music-making and quite simply everything-about-growing-up-together is brought to a conclusion inthe traditional Class 8 Play. And what a conclusion this was! ‘Impressive… mind-blowing… passionate… enthusiastic… moving… sad… fresh… energetic… hilarious… witty ’ – were just some of theimmediate responses of the delighted audiences as they left the hall. There were […]

Class 8 does it again!

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We were all marvellously entertained last Friday and Saturday by Class 8’s most amazing and thoroughly delightful presentation of Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ – based on a script which allowed for many original changes by the class.

A Journey through the History of Music

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End of year concert 2013 – Class 8 review by Caroline Doherty, parent As parents, we are often taken aback at the quality and beauty of the work our children produce at school. Sometimes, it comes as a complete surprise as we had absolutely no idea what they were up to (and I am speaking […]

The Order of the Heavens – Class 7 play

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written by John Trevellian – performed by Class 7 review by Christine Polyblank, school founder Beautiful costumes, harmonious music, exciting scenery and lighting, an excellent script and children brimming with confidence – all this and more was enjoyed by the audience attending Class 7’s play ‘The Order of the Heavens’. The play deals with the personal […]

Juliet lies dead in the tomb

Romeo & Juliet – Class 10 Play

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It was such a pleasure to see this delightful class, whose lessons I have visited over so many years, performing Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Under the guidance of their excellent English teacher, Nancy Urry, the two casts gave lively, warm, dramatic, at moments humorous, but above all deeply moving performances. This was no drama-class production; […]