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Lucia Festival of Light at Ringwood Waldorf School

Lucia Festival of Light

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Santa Lucia This morning I rose early to be sure not to miss one of the brightest jewels of the year in our school: Santa Lucia. It was utterly beautiful: a candle-lit presentation in song (sung in Swedish) performed by Class 4 with the superb support of Class 11. The mood of reverence and peace […]

upper school students at Ringwood Waldorf School

A PhD Day in the Upper School…

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Visiting PhD Student, Alys Mendus, reports on her day in the Upper School… Wednesday 1st November 2017 I met with Juliet at 8.20 on Wednesday morning and she showed me the staff room which was in an amazing position up above the playground and yard that the classrooms were nestled around. It was beautiful morning […]

Visiting students perform at the Michaelmas Festival at the Upper School - Class 11 at Ringwood Waldorf School

Visiting Students – What they say!

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Staying at Ringwood Waldorf School by Luca Girkens “The idea started at the end of the eighth class that Thomas and I could leave our school to experience school in England, mainly it was because the boring English lessons. After we spoke with a few teachers and found the school in the internet. It was […]

TLC Day at Ringwood Waldorf School - reupholstering the chairs

Half-Term TLC Magic

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More TLC Magic happened during half-term… thanks to all who came along and donated their time and skills! Over half-term some great things happened: brush-cutting in the Eco Garden, leaves were raked and swept in Kindy, clearing footpaths and some of the gutters, and, as you can see, ALL the wooden chairs have now been […]

Class 11 in Search of Modernism at Tate Modern in London

In Search of the Avant-Garde

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Class 11 in London – In search of Modernism Before half-term Class 11, as part of their Art History main lesson, visited London to find Avant-garde artists, exploring several major galleries; Tate Britain The National Gallery Tate Modern Movements they’ve explored during their Art History Main Lesson were; the Pre-Raphaelites Fauvism Expressionism Futurists Surrealism Impressionism Realism […]

Autumn in the Upper School

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Gallery: Autumn in the Upper School It’s been a busy half-term for everyone, not least for Class 9 moving into the Upper School and Class 10 and 11. From Copperwork to Forensics and from Poetry to Textiles, here’s a glimpse into what they’ve been doing…  

Eco Garden planting wildflowers for bees at Ringwood Waldorf School

To Bee or Not to Bee

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The Bee Cause in our Eco Garden This week, Class 6 finished sowing a wildflower meadow in the Eco-Garden. In a joint venture with Friends of the Earth who, as part of their ‘The Bee Cause’ campaign, donated the seeds, we hope to achieve a colourful, buzzing meadow next summer.  Due to the rapidly declining […]

Michaelmas Dragons

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Gallery: Michaelmas Dragons from Class 7 Well the Michaelmas Festival was wonderful last week – read Christine’s Review of it here. Class 7 help prepare the harvest lunch – a hearty warm soup full of root vegetables, served with fresh bread… but they were busy in their classroom too. Here are some of their paintings […]

Michaelmas Festival harvest table at Ringwood Waldorf School

Our Michaelmas Festival

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Our Michaelmas Festival – Friday 29th September One after another the classes streamed into the hall and over to the harvest table where brightly smiling pupils from Class 11 received their offerings of flowers, fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, bread and more…and arranged them beautifully on the table. Michaelmas, the first major festival of the year, […]

Aluminium recycling initiative at Ringwood Waldorf School for foil and cans

Aluminium Energy-Saving in School Car Park

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Collecting Aluminium cans and foil Since the summer term, lots of us have separating our Aluminium Cans and Foil and placing it in the big bin at the front of the school. Last week our keen collectors noticed the bin was full. The contents were checked, removed and crushed energetically by the children then put […]