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Arthur Verrept - a little about myself before I go into what I loved about school. I went to school at Ringwood Waldorf school from kindergarten right up until I left for college; I then studied; maths, computing, and media. After college, I went travelling for 2 years and finally decided to the University of Plymouth to study Internet Design.
My years at RWS were genuinely some of the best years I had. The group of friends I made I will never forget and we always spend time together. Even though we all went to different colleges and some of us left RWS before college, the bond you create with the people not only from your own class, but every class is incredible! Since the school is small you really get to know everyone, from every class, some of my best friends today are a completely different age to me, the Steiner gang that meets up at festivals every year is massive and spans all ages!
The way you learn is stress-free and very creative, and even though I went into a technical field I never felt behind at all. I really thought that going from Steiner to public education was going to be a massive struggle but it wasn’t. The teachers at RWS really cared about each student and really wanted them to their best work.
We didn’t only learn to work with our brains but also our hands, this was my favourite aspect of the school, learning to craft things with our hands. It was a perfect balance of practical and the regular stuff.
Thanks for the great times, Arthur V.